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"Open Your Mind" by Clark Jenkins

August 2012-Fears about Seeking Therapy

People often resist admitting that they need help. They wonder if they will find out that they are REALLY screwed up. Will the changes suggested be do-able? What would their spouse say/think/feel? Will friends secretly disapprove of their decision to consult a psychotherapist? Will they be able to afford it? Maybe they will become dependent on someone else’s help with their problems? Or get really bad advice or be judged. What if its all just a big waste of time and money?


While all of these fears are understandable, most therapy clients in my office walk away surprised and relieved about the psychotherapy experience. Many of my clients LOVE the process. I’m here to discuss any of your fears about psychotherapy. My hope is that you will find comfort, strength, and happiness through our work together.

Call or mail me for a free 10 minute consultation.

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