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"Open Your Mind" by Clark Jenkins


She absolutely saved my marriage. No doubt about her skills. I recommend her to my friends and colleagues with out question.

She keeps the sessions interesting and on the cutting edge. Her sometimes colorful language can leave me laughing and crying at the same time.

You never quite know what’s coming next so she keeps you on your toes. She has an internal lie detector and she’s not afraid to use it!

Kim is extremely direct and holds me accountable. Sometimes it’s very uncomfortable but necessary.

Kim is engaged in my issues. She is insiteful and well read which inspires confidence that she has you on the right track.

“extremely patient-centric approach, mixed with a contemporary professional vibe”

“sets realistic healthy boundaries with clients that allows them to both grow and understand what being mentally healthy looks like through their relatio nship with Mrs. Moore.

“values the clients input on treatment/care- it’s nice to be heard as a client myself– so that quality is amazing. She may not agree, but she listens an d allows flexible discussions”

I think for me, my experience with you has been that you are intelligent, insightful and straight up tell it like it is. Mostly, I feel like I am comfort able enough to tell you anything, like a girlfriend, and in return i not only get a girl friend type of response, but it also goes past that to a therapi st format, so that i can learn and see what am doing and why. For me, i need this comfort first to believe i am safe and not being judged and then hear t he facts. This is the ONLY way i can learn and get past what is happening and move on to happiness.

Kim you have an incredible gift to process and synthesize complex emotions and circumstances, make them seem like the most important issues you’ve ever dealt with, and then provide insight, and perspective in a very pragmatic and thorough way. You made me feel safe to say whatever I needed, knew exactly when to listen, and more importantly when to talk. Best of all you never ask me, “So, how did that make you feel?” 🙂 HA!

I also always felt that you had a plan for me, a place we were going to get to together, and that I’d be able to take the tools and advice you gave me and navigate the bumps on my own. Thank you for that!

She is a great therapist. I interviewed with a few therapist and once I interviewed with her I knew she was the right one for our situation. She is a great listener and she gives great helpful tips. I would recommend her to anyone anytime.